The kitchen is probably the most used room in any house. Therefore it needs to be functional and practical while also having its own unique style that blends in with the overall theme and décor of the home.

If contemporary is the look you want for your kitchen, there are a few things you can do that will instantly create a modern theme.

At By Carrier we have years of experience building custom homes for owners who know exactly what they want from their kitchens so we offer some advice on how to create a contemporary kitchen in your home.

Stainless Steel: If one thing epitomizes contemporary, it is stainless steel. Using shiny stainless steel for the oven surface, the refrigerator doors, the island counters and cabinet doors will create a sleek and modern look throughout the entire kitchen. Stainless steel also offers a superior material that is well-suited for kitchens and will give your appliances a beautiful finish.

Custom Lighting: You can’t say enough about the importance of both natural and artificial light in kitchens. Depending on where your kitchen is located, you may benefit from excellent natural light coming in through the windows but at night you will rely heavily on artificial lighting.

If you want your kitchen to look more modern we suggest a plan that incorporates custom lighting. With unique fixtures and lighting designs you can create a number of moods and highlight certain areas including the dining table, the kitchen island and over the sink.

Minimalism: A common theme running through many contemporary looks in minimalism. Borrowing from the philosophy that less is more, home owners that want their kitchens to look more modern would be wise to hide the clutter and create a clean space that conveys a tidy image. Using spacious cabinets, storage bins and drawers will allow you to keep all your silverware, dishes, pot and pans and sundries well hidden while still be in convenient and easy-to-access places.

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