Multigenerational Living

Historically, and in some cultures, multi-generational homes were the standard. As traveling became more commonplace and work opportunities expanded, adults tended to leave the nest, straying from their childhood neighborhoods and staking out new territories, sometimes far away from their roots. With housing costs on the rise and working from home increasingly an option, housing…

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Rent vs. Buy

The American Dream: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. For many people, home ownership is an integral component to all of those three aspirations. It is also a huge financial commitment, and what with market volatility and the threat of a global recession, is now a good time? And how does one know?  …

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Luxury Features for your Primary Bedroom

Given that you spend approximately one third of your life sleeping, it makes utmost sense to tailor that primary bedroom to your own personal whims and desires.  Sure, a lot of that time is spent eyes-shut and unaware of your surroundings, but aren’t those moments just before nodding off, and as soon as your eyes blink…

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Custom Home Must-Haves for Baby Boomers

If recently the term “Boomer” has taken on a negative connotation in certain contexts… well, what hasn’t?  But Baby Boomers, that generation born between approximately 1946 and 1964, have a tremendous amount of buying power.  And right now, they are the ones that are phasing into a period that might put custom home building foremost on their…

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The Importance of a Good Floor Plan

Measure twice, cut once.  Even better, measure thrice.  the importance of thorough pre-planning before committing to an irreversible outcome cannot be overstated.  That said, once the finances are settled and the contracting agreements signed, mapping out rooms, hallways, storage, and their desired layout can be really fun.  This is where you and your design team can really begin…

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