The kitchen is probably the most used room in your home. From cooking meals, serving dinner to your family and gathering with everyone to engage in conversation this room is the centerpiece of your home. Since you spend so much time in the kitchen it makes sense to have it be as functional and comfortable workspace as possible. While you probably set out a great design when planning your custom home in Connecticut, there are always room for improvements. Whether you want to add a range style stove or new refrigerator or want to install a decorative island or breakfast nook, being prepared is essential to a remodeling project that will be successful and hassle-free.

Find a Trusted Contractor

Kitchens involve electrical wiring and plumbing so remodeling this room is not recommended for your average homeowner. Painting rooms, installing doors and laying new carpet can be done by many, but when it comes to kitchens you are best off going with a professional. Carefully review and interview contractors to ensure you find someone who knows what you want and can deliver a finished product on budget and on time. Always ask for references and a portfolio so you can see for yourself what the contractor is capable of.

Know your Habits

Some people fancy themselves pretty decent chefs and others simply eat to survive. It’s important to know ahead of time how often you use your kitchen and what for so you can spend your remodeling budget wisely. If you don’t cook that often it doesn’t make sense to have fancy appliances and gadgets that will never be used. Before planning a kitchen remodeling project, spend some time thinking about your cooking and dining needs and use that as a guide.

Be Practical with Additions

Many homeowners love the idea of a decorative center island and cozy breakfast nook. However, if you are limited with space these additions can make the kitchen cramped. Nothing is worse than a kitchen that is hard to move around. Consider consulting with a designer or architect before you decide on kitchen remodeling additions to ensure you use your space wisely.


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