People who choose to make Connecticut their home do so for many reasons. Some homeowners may have lived in the area their whole life and consider it home while others may have had to move to the state for a job. No matter what the reasons are for someone living in Connecticut, the need for a quiet, private and convenient home is usually at the top of the list when it comes to deciding on where to start with new home construction.

Polls conducted with new homeowners in Connecticut have found similarities in what most families are looking for when it comes to a new home. Good school systems, safe neighborhoods, privacy with convenient access to shopping, cultural activities and recreational hot spots as well as custom features that will help reduce energy costs and make life easier are all factors that Connecticut homeowners consider when choosing to purchase a new custom home.

Not many residents are looking for the cookie-cutter McMansions that marred scenic landscapes through much of the 1990’s and today the emphasis has shifted to new custom homes that reflect the unique personality and lifestyle of each homeowner. As the housing market slowly recovers those in the market for a new home are giving more thought to new home construction rather than shopping existing homes. New homeowners that don’t mind waiting for a custom home to be built are drawn to the many features new luxury homes contain and these features often speak directly to the wants of new homeowners.

Finding spacious floor plans that allow for room to breathe and privacy to call your own are important for many homeowners, especially those looking to start a family. Connecticut homeowners also want energy efficient designs and appliances that will provide much needed relief when it comes to energy costs. Custom features such as hardwood floors, architectural landscaping, genuine wood crafted cabinetry and granite countertops are just a few of the amenities new homeowners are putting at the top of their wish lists.

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