organizing clothes in basketsYour house might be clean but that doesn’t mean it’s clutter-free. Having too much disorder can cause anxiety for homeowners, leading to a loss of productivity and increased stress.

Decluttering your space is easier than you might think! To feel more comfortable and relaxed in your home, here are a few ways to start the process of keeping your space organized.

1. Everything Needs a Home

Just like you, your possessions need a place to live! Everything should have its proper spot in the house. To accomplish this, consider investing in storage bins to make organizing your belongings easier.

Not only can you find them almost anywhere, but storage bins come in a variety of sizes and colors. Add them to your closest, cabinets and even the fridge!

When everything has a proper storage space, you can remove piles of items around the house and enjoy your living spaces. If you begin to notice areas being taken up by clutter again, it may be time to consider getting rid of some older items.

2. Monthly Cleaning

Cleaning does not have to wait until spring! Each month, go room by room to re-organize and remove any unwanted items. For a fresh start, throw away expired spices in the kitchen or old beauty products in the bathroom. You can donate clothes the kids have outgrown or you no longer want to leave your spaces feeling more open and organized.

To streamline the monthly decluttering process, use specific bins or piles assigned to Donate, Trash or Put Away. This is also a great activity for the kids to participate in to prevent their old toys from piling up and becoming a trip hazard.

3. Keep Essentials Front and Center

This simple trick can help make finding and putting things away effortless. Keep your most used items within reach in your cabinets, storage bins and closets, so they’re easier to grab and store them away after use.

If you use the blender every day, keep it at the front of the cabinet so you can grab it quickly. After it’s used and cleaned, the appliance has a designated place. This method can also keep you from leaving items out on the counter, which is a precursor to clutter!

4. Develop Habits

Studies show it takes 21 days to form a habit and 90 days to make it a part of your lifestyle. Developing healthy habits is essential for maintaining a clutter-free home.

In the grand scheme of your day, these small habits take up little time and can really make a difference for your living spaces. Folding laundry, making your bed and putting things away after use can help your home feel more clean and organized.

To get started with these new habits, start small with a couple additions to your routine. Make your bed every morning before coffee or fold the laundry as soon as its dry.
One of the best times to reduce clutter is when you’re moving! If you’re in the market for a new home to start fresh and keep organized, check out By Carrier’s custom communities.

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