Today, new homes have to be built with flexible designs. In the past, many aspired to the nuclear family model and this meant homes that were almost identical. However, the trend today is for individuality and this can be seen first and foremost in the custom homes people are choosing.

Discerning homeowners want a home that is built for them and incorporates their lifestyle into the design and floor plan. Some home features are standard and though you can influence how a bathroom or kitchen will look, there is a basic need for certain appliances. But having the flexibility to make each room reflect your unique character and lifestyle is crucial in satisfying today’s homeowner.

At By Carrier we understand this need for being unique and that’s one of the reasons we consult with new homeowners, the architects and the builders to ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to designing a new custom home. We offer each of our customers the opportunity to meet with a design specialist to help custom design a home that will meet and exceed expectations.

We aim for improved room flow in all the custom homes we design and pay close attention to how floor plans will affect how energy efficient a home is. Some of the demands we continue to hear are more windows, open spaces, multiple bathrooms and larger kitchens. Being able to start from scratch with the vision of the homeowner and design a home that will be functional and comfortable is what makes our design process so successful.

If you are looking for a Connecticut home builder that will value design flexibility as much as you do, contact By Carrier today.


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