As we write this the temperature outside is nearing 57 degrees. While we still have a way to go before spring begins (9 days and counting), it is a relief to know that the harsh cold, snow and ice are almost over. As the weather warms up it is time for responsible homeowners to come up from the bunker and inspect the roof, siding and foundation of their home to ensure it has not been damaged or compromised during the past winter.

At By Carrier we want your home to be safe at all times so we offer the following tips for inspecting your home after winter.

Flooding – Nothing is more damaging and frustrating than a flooded basement. During the winter we had a lot of snow that usually melts. However, the sudden and prolonged freeze that settled in turned this snow to ice and it lingered.

Now, with the weather warming snow and ice will be melting fast and if your roof, gutters or basement are not in optimum shape this could be trouble. Inspect the basement from inside and outside and look for any structural damage to the walls and floor. Cracks, water spots and pools are all signs that something is wrong.

Ice – Some ice can be hard to get rid of. Ice that has formed inside a gutter downspout or on concrete steps may take longer to melt. If you didn’t get to shovel right away chances are parts of your home still have ice formations and it is important to get rid of ice as soon as possible. If ice is in your gutters this can be preventing water from draining properly.

Curbs and Driveways – Plows are great to see in the middle of a blizzard but often these trucks end up tearing apart curbs and parts of driveways. Be sure to check the condition of your curbs and driveway to ensure the plow blades did not accidentally do damage to your property. Check lawn conditions near the street as well since your landscape might have been scraped by the plow.


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