Earlier today Connecticut Governor Daniel P. Malloy urged property owners in the state to clear their roofs of the snow that has been piling up with each winter storm. The Governor and other state officials are concerned that the additional weight on the roofs of homes and buildings will cause a collapse and potentially lead to injuries.

Already, several roofs across the state have collapsed after a series of snowstorms. Forecasters are predicting an active storm pattern to continue over the next few weeks and this can mean more snow to come.

The problem has mostly been that the snow that has fallen is a heavy, wet snow that is hard to shovel and after it freezes can be impossible to break through. Homeowners who have let the snow pile up now have several layers of ice to crack through before reaching the roof surface.

In addition to roofs, homeowners and building owners should be mindful of their gutters as well since ice dams may have formed and this can prevent melting snow from draining properly. If you don’t feel comfortable working on your roof or if you are a senior or disabled, it is important that you contact a professional snow and ice removal service to clear your roof.

At By Carrier we agree with Governor Malloy and endorse his request for property owners to act quickly in removing snow and ice from their roofs, gutters, driveways, walkways and decks. The longer you wait, the heavier the snow will get. It will also harden when the temperatures drop creating solid blocks of ice that need more than a shovel to remove.

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