happy woman holding house keysIs your family ready to find your next home? The spring season may be the perfect time to search! Many homebuyers feel more motivated in April, May and June because of the fresh spring air and lack of snow.

If you’re feeling hesitant, here are a few reasons why you should consider buying a new home in the spring.

1. Ideal Weather

With spring comes warmer weather and more daylight, providing you more time to look at homes! The strong sunlight and blooming flowers make for an enjoyable homebuying experience. It will also give you the opportunity to accurately assess the exterior of each home including the landscape, garage and outdoor living spaces.

Warmer temperatures can also make moving into your new home easier. You won’t have to worry about winter conditions affecting travel or moving your furniture and belongings in the cold.

2. Time to Adjust

Getting acclimated to a new home can be difficult at first. However, moving in the spring can make the overall experience more pleasant due to more sunlight and longer days. By moving in the spring, you can take the summer to see what the area has to offer, which can be more exciting than during the winter season!

If you have children, they can finish out the school year and relocate to your new home before the next school year begins! This way, they can take the few months of summer to adjust, meet new people and explore their new neighborhood.

3. Hot Market

Of course, it’s important to know the state of the housing market when deciding to buy a home. In the spring, sellers tend to feel more motivated, which can lead to more inventory and new listings.

Houses that have already been listed start to host more open houses in the spring while the weather is warm and their outdoor living spaces can be more attractive to potential buyers.

Many buyers will receive their tax refunds in the spring, which may give them extra incentive to take the leap and buy. Instead of letting that money burn a hole in your pocket, put it towards a forever home for you and your family!
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