Without a functioning air conditioner, the hot and humid weather of New England summers can be hard to handle. Rather than assume your unit will be ready to work once you turn it on, it’s important to check the system before summer’s arrival. An air conditioner that is improperly maintained has an increased chance of failure when you need its relief the most.

Follow these four simple tips to ensure your A/C is ready for summer.

Check the Filter

One of the easiest maintenance tasks is also most important: Inspect the air filter. The more you run the system, the more dust and dirt it accumulates. If the air filter is in poor condition, air flow becomes restricted and cooling power is reduced. Check the filter’s condition before summer starts and clean or replace it. Throughout the season, perform regular checks.

Check the Vents

The vents on an HVAC system can also get clogged or dirty. While inspecting your A/C unit, take a close look at the vents and keep an eye out for visible dust, pet hair and other debris that may block the vent.

You will also want to make sure the vents are open. Oftentimes, homeowners do not realize these vents are partially or completely closed. Keeping the vents clean and open will improve the air flow.

Condensing Unit

Your air conditioner has an outdoor unit called the condenser, which sucks air into its cooling fins. After a long winter, it’s important to check the area around the condensing unit for dirt and debris that could affect its performance. Remove any grass, leaves or pollen buildup from the cooling fins that could reduce the efficiency and overall lifespan of your A/C unit.

Maximize Cooling Power

Do you crank the A/C to full power at the first sign of warm weather? Leaving the system at this level increases the risk for breakdowns and drives up your energy bill. You can maximize your cooling power by:

  • Installing high-quality window coverings
  • Using ceiling fans in moderate temperatures
  • Turning the A/C off when you are not at home

In the midst of a hot and muggy day, the last thing you want is a malfunctioning HVAC system. This spring, follow our four helpful tips and contact an HVAC professional if your system needs repair or replacement.
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