deckFor many homeowners, there comes a time when they consider adding on to their existing floor plan. Even if your home was custom built, you may be inspired by something you’ve seen in a magazine or always had in the back of your mind. Popular home additions may include finished basements, swimming pools, garage conversions and decks.

Some additions may be functional, while others simply enhance the comfort of your home. Whatever the reason, these are some of the more popular home additions you may want to consider.

Finished Basements

Basements often act as utility rooms, where homeowners may keep the laundry units and use the extra space for storage. However, with the right carpeting, lighting and furnishings, you can turn your basement into a fully-functional entertainment room.

Many homeowners enhance the space with sectional sofas, big screen televisions, pool tables, built-in bars and other furnishings that convey fun and comfort.


Depending on the natural landscape of your backyard, you may want to add a custom-built deck off the back of your home. Decks are a versatile addition that can be used for entertaining and other outdoor occasions. From small and simple decks that serve to provide a convenient outdoor dining space to more elaborate, multi-level structures that can incorporate gardens and swimming pools, a well-constructed deck can be a great addition for your home.

Room Addition or Bump Out

Whether you are looking to add a new bedroom or bathroom to your home, a bump out gives you the option to create extra space where you need it most. More budget-friendly than full-sized, conventional add-ons, room additions on a smaller scale are a popular choice to expand existing rooms. For instance, adding a sun room off the family room or kitchen.
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