Spring is the perfect time to take advantage of warm weather and perform a much-needed cleanup around the house. While this past winter did not bring much snow, high winds and cold temperatures still cause issues, including damage to exterior paint, gutters and your yard.

To address these problems, start with a thorough property inspection. On a warm and dry day, assess the condition of your roof, gutters, siding and lawn. Create a checklist of priorities to address and ensure potentially dangerous problems are fixed right away.

Here are a few tips to get started.

Gutter Inspection

Spend time looking at the gutter channels and removing any debris that could impede water flow. Sticks, leaves and dirt have a habit of clogging gutters and the sooner you remove them, the better your gutters will perform.

Test the water flow by using a garden hose and flushing water through the channels and down the drain pipes to see if water is being held up by a clog.

Yard Cleanup

Before you can prep your lawn for a fruitful summer, you’ll need to clear any debris that accumulated from the winter conditions. Tree limbs, branches, refuse and other debris cluttering your lawn will need to be removed before you can focus on seeding, aeration and cutting the grass.

If you have a garden, now is a good time to check its condition and repair any damage that may have occurred to fencing, trees, plants and sheds.

Pressure Washing

If you haven’t treated the exterior siding of your home, spring is the ideal time for a good scrub. Pressure washing is a great method to remove debris from your home’s siding. Rain, wind and cold temperatures can take a toll on the paint job and with a thorough wash, you can spray away all dirt and dust.

If you plan on repainting your home, you should definitely consider a pressure wash, as it will help create the cleanest work surface.
The sooner you get started on exterior cleaning for the spring, the better prepared your home will be for warm weather. To learn more about our property management services, contact us today!

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