outdated roomWhether you’re buying a pre-built property or planning to remodel your existing home, you likely have to deal with older features – some visual and some functional. In many instances, the purely cosmetic features tend to be easy to fix, but some give your home a dated look and functionality. Make sure you avoid the following five qualities of an old home.

Popcorn Ceilings

Commonplace from the 1950s through the 1980s, popcorn ceilings add an unnecessarily textured appearance to your room. They easily collect dirt and dust, which aggravates allergies, they show water damage and they seem to shed when cleaned. Popcorn ceilings present more than just a cosmetic issue.

Unfortunately, getting rid of them is not straightforward. Scraping off the material yourself often creates a mess that can also be a challenge to clean up. As such, work with a professional to correctly remove all that sprayed foam and to replace it with something more modern.

Older Systems

Although you can’t see them, older electrical, plumbing and heating systems majorly set homes back. You might not realize it at first, until you plug in a new electronic or appliance and everything goes dark.

Rather than fully replace your systems right from the get-go, take two steps. First, if the home was previously constructed, ask your realtor how old the electrical and plumbing systems are. Second, for improved energy conservation and overall efficiency, look for smart home technology to tie everything together and adjust it all from the same interface.

Outdated Kitchens

Did you know that the average kitchen remodeling project costs roughly $62,158, based on figures from Remodeling Magazine? Although some home design experts say that kitchens don’t require a full renovation, you can’t compromise on certain components; mainly its appliances and cabinets. Consider refinishing and upgrading any cabinets with existing hardware for a more modern appearance and a sturdier feel. For appliances, make sure the home’s electrical system can handle the latest models, then start with the two essentials: the oven and the refrigerator.


Wallpaper can be a deceptive home improvement project. As the material continues to go out of style in favor of simple paint, homeowners often believe they can tear down the old sheets and add a coat on top.

Unfortunately, doing so results in more damage – both to the walls and any lighting fixtures in the space. While removing wallpaper can be done, work with a professional to remove the older material, clean off any adhesive and apply a fresh coat to the walls and ceiling.


A popular trend in the 1960s and ‘70s, paneling is often found in homes where the owners have not taken the steps to update the walls or painted over it. In the right hands, the issue can be corrected by a professional, who will remove the panels, install sheetrock over it and add a coat of paint on top.

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