If this is the season you’re finally going to move into that brand new custom home, follow some easy tips that will make the transition easier and more fun. It’s always a good idea to start with a checklist and use it to ensure you don’t overlook anything. Moving from one house to another can be confusing if you don’t plan carefully and if you are not organized it’s very easy to misplace valuable belongings that could easily get tossed in the trash. You’ll swear you have a mental inventory for all your belongings but you’ll be surprised how much you actually own when you start boxing it up, so use a checklist to prevent forgetting.

Plan ahead of time which rooms you will be moving into first. This will help you better organize as you pack and will allow you to load a moving truck in reverse order to you are unloading what will be moved in first. You may be setting up the kitchen, living room and den first before anyone physically moves into the house so plan accordingly to have the items in these room packed first. And likewise, if you are planning on moving into the bedrooms first than have these rooms packed up and ready to go first when moving day comes.

Even if you have family and friends willing to lend a hand, chances are you will need a professional mover for the really large items including master beds, pool tables and dining room sets. Research moving companies carefully and find out who the best are and what the costs will be before you decide on a mover. Decide what the movers will be responsible for and what items you’ll be able to transport yourself to make the transition easy.

Lastly, use this opportunity to finally get rid of junk you’ll never use. Some people can’t wait to move since it leaves them no choice but to go through everything they own to determine what is necessary and what can be sent to good will. Moving is a great time to do a check of your belongings and decide what will make the cut and be hauled to the new home.

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