At By Carrier we understand the importance of customizing a home to fit your unique lifestyle. From the floor plans to the heating systems you want everything to be just right so you can live comfortably and conveniently in your home. One area to give serious consideration to in the design portion of building a new home in Connecticut is lighting.

Whether you have bay windows that capture the sunlight or are tucked in a secluded area with lots of trees, the lighting you install in your home will be crucial to living the life you want.

Custom lighting is one of the many benefits to designing your own home. You know the atmosphere you want and lighting can help you achieve it. From brilliant illumination in the kitchen to more subdued shades in the bedroom, custom lighting will give you the mood you want when and where you want it.

No one enjoys the stark overhead lights that leave nothing to the imagination. What custom home owners want is lighting that matches the room theme and décor. From the position of track lighting and lamps to the watt-level bulbs you use and background lighting there are many ways to create the perfect atmosphere in your kitchen, bathrooms, family rooms and basement recreation rooms.

You also have a great opportunity to illuminate your outdoor living spaces be designing plans that will create brilliant walkways, pool decks and walk-out basements. Consulting with an architect or custom home builder allows you the chance to express what you want and get feedback on how best to achieve it. There are many details to consider when building a custom home but remember to pay close attention to the lighting so you get the look and feel you want.

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