As summer begins to wind down, it is time to start thinking about inspections on your home. Before each new season starts, it is recommended that you check certain parts of the home including the gutters, roofs, siding and foundation to ensure you everything is in good shape and ready for the coming hazards of the next season. While winter is the most dangerous when it comes to seasonal damage to a home, other seasons can have hazards too.

Autumn may be the most scenic times of the year in Connecticut but the colder air, rain and falling leaves can present problems for your home. Having a professional home contractor do a home inspection now will ensure that your gutters, roof and siding are all ready for the coming season.

One area you want to have looked at is your gutters. Autumn will bring a flood of falling leaves and these can cause clogs very easily. If your gutter is already dirty with pollen and other debris from summer this will make the situation worse. Though the inspector may not recommend a full cleaning until after all the leaves have fallen they may suggest you take an afternoon and do a quick sweep to get the light debris removed.

You definitely want to have your roof inspected. Autumn can bring a lot of rain and if you have cracks or leaks, this can lead to serious problems. Worn or cracked shingles will be a sure sign that your roof is in need of repairs and it is imperative that you get the repairs done. If you do not maintain your roof and a storm should cause a major tear you may be denied an insurance claim because you neglected to maintain the roof properly.

Lastly, check the siding of your home. Like the roof, if there are tears and cracks in the siding this will cause problems with your insulation and you may be stuck paying for utility bills that are much higher than usual.

Now is the time to start doing inspection on important parts of your home. The longer you wait the more likely you are to have problems when the weather gets worse.

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