Looking to make your custom home more modern, either after its creation or early in the design phase? In 2017, consider some of these home design trends for a more up-to-date appearance.

Matte Finishes

Shiny, gleaming surfaces draw attention, according to interior design experts. One way to cut down on distractions is to select and install appliances with a matte surface. Taking out the sheen is also said to add more depth to a space.

Satin brass finishes are another popular request. It gives areas of your home a pop of brilliant gold, with a warm yet muted character. For those designing on a budget, a satin brass finish gives your space more of a high-end look, minus the high price tag.

Bright Green

As the 2017 Pantone Color of the Year, greenery brightens and revitalizes living spaces. Since it is so vibrant, homeowners can subtly include it in their accent furniture and décor or make a bold statement on entire walls.

Mixing Patterns

You may have heard not to mix polka-dots with stripes, but combining certain prints is becoming a popular look for furniture and wallpaper. Based on 2016 trends, two or more prints can coexist in a room as long as they have one anchoring feature – for instance, a common or complementing shade.

Convertible Vanities

Bring together a set of drawers, a sink and a mirror with a convertible vanity. In a bathroom or living space, a standard vanity or chest gets modified for greater functionality with a sink bowl and plumbing.

Faux Finishes and Texture

Patterns aren’t the only way to add variation! When you’ve chosen one paint color, texture can break up the monotony of a room. Wood or stone faux finishes are growing in popularity for their affordability. Creating the illusion of texture and open space, a faux finish can be created with painting techniques.

Space-Saving Fixtures

Fixtures that offer extra storage, yet stay out of the way are one solution to opening up a cramped space. One way transform your home could be to have all shelves added to a single wall – an unobtrusive alternative to cabinets – or you could install folding appliances.

Blending Off-White and Natural Hues

Another way to create that open, well-lit space that many homeowners want, a white-based color scheme works well in rooms with more windows. However, stark white can mimic a clinical and sterile atmosphere. Instead, interior designers recommend to tone it down with off-white and raw or matte finishes that have a similar effect and work well with natural light.

Grander Entryways

When enters your home, you want to make a big impression. To do this, some homeowners are investing more in their entryways. Rather than treat them as vestibules leading into something better, this area of the home may feature colorful wallpaper, statement mirrors or tables and a wider width.

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