When you chose Connecticut for your new custom home you did so knowing full well that winter can be a long a cold season. From snowfall that can begin as early as October and last through March, to chill winds that can take the temperature below zero, Connecticut braces for the winter season just like any other state in New England.

Many homeowners choose to combat the cold winters by installing an open fireplace in their living room, family room or den to provide a warm centerpiece that can be enjoyed on cold nights by the entire family. Whether you home came equipped with a built-in fireplace or you want to renovate your living room with a fireplace unit, the winter is the ideal time to light up the kindling and relax by a cozy fire.

Brick and stone is the material most homeowners will use for their fireplace. You have the option of a wood-burning, gas-burning or electric fireplace. Traditional homes will certainly want to keep the classic look intact by opting for a brick or stone wood-burning fireplace. Building a traditional wood-burning fireplace can cost as much as $10,000 or more when factoring the cost of a mason, ensuring the fireplace is up to code and completing the construction of a chimney.

Gas-burning fireplaces are relatively less expensive than wood-burning units and don’t require the costly purchasing of wood each year to feed the fires. Of course, gas prices can fluctuate each winter and if the rising cost of fuel is a concern, you may want to consider using propane instead.

Electric fireplaces are the most affordable and are often portable. Ideal for homes that don’t have a tremendous amount of space, electric fireplaces allow homeowners to heat certain rooms and give that room the pleasing aesthetic look of a warm fire.

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