Many of us have an idea of a “dream home” in our minds, but is it practical? A house should suit current and future needs, have no functionality issues and make your life easier overall. Must-have qualities vary from one homebuyer to the next, but the following list includes 10 common requests.

A Single Level

Across all demographics, more homebuyers want a single-floor ranch home. This setup positions everything in reach, streamlines maintenance and can reduces injuries. Over time, these homes have better temperature regulation, place less stress on your HVAC system and create an overall comfortable environment. Later in life, single-level properties need fewer modifications as your lifestyle adjusts.

Taller Ceilings

Single-floor homes do not have to be any less grand than multi-floor properties. Nine-foot-tall ceilings are said to create a more expansive experience than the standard eight. According to statistics from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), 65 percent of buyers seek out this feature, up 11 percent since 2004.

South-Facing Windows

We all want to spend less on heating and cooling costs, and south-facing windows are an environmentally friendly way of doing so. The setup lets more sunlight in which helps the home stay warm, especially in conjunction with solar panels. The result reduces your heating bills throughout the winter months and in summer, proves to benefit both house and garden plants.

Green Features

Expanding on south-facing windows, other energy-efficient features prove to be a major draw. In addition to solar panels, “green” features should make the home as self-sufficient as possible so ideally, you can live independently from the grid.

Outdoor Living Areas

Whether it’s a full patio or small deck, outdoor areas are considered top home improvements, giving the buyer a good return on investment. As such, having them already built is an asset, especially if you plan to entertain neighbors and guests throughout the warmer months.

Low-Maintenance Exterior

No one wants to deal with rotting siding or loose shingles. Regardless of the climate, homebuyers very often seek out a low-maintenance exterior. Typically, such homes use vinyl siding or fiber cement. Both require less action on your part and tend to keep up their appearance, even in harsh weather.


More homeowners want to live in a community where they can walk to the store and freely exercise throughout the neighborhood. As such, areas with sidewalks, less traffic and within distance of a town center appeal to buyers who want to get around without always relying on a vehicle.


Although you can install alarms and cameras, security systems are less useful when you don’t feel safe on your property. Depending on the homeowner, security may come down to:

  • How secluded your home or neighborhood is.
  • How easy it would be for someone to break in or enter your home unnoticed.
  • How large the land is around the property. Smaller plots tend to feel more secure.
  • Neighborhood crime statistics. After you obtain this information online, review it for the types of incidents common to your area.


While you want to get to know your neighbors, your home shouldn’t be positioned so that everyone on your block can look inside. Ideally, you get that level of privacy if your home is on a down-slope, set back away from the sidewalk and is surrounded by the right amount of land.

A Garage with Storage

Once you’ve got a place to put your car, you also need space to store other items, including holiday decorations and seasonal maintenance tools. Three-car garages deliver more than enough room and an easily accessible storage area for your extra belongings.
Whether you’re looking for community living or energy-efficient home features, By Carrier presents a range of properties with these desirable attributes. To learn more about our Central Connecticut communities, give us a call today.

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