With less than 3 weeks left to enjoy summer, it’s time to start thinking about fall. You may be looking forward to colorful leaves, sweater weather and pumpkin spice lattes, but what about your property? It’s important to prepare your home for cooler temperatures before the seasons change.

What are some final summer projects to get done before Fall 2018 arrives?

Replace Your Roof

A roof provides your home with the structural integrity it needs to protect occupants from the elements. When shingles are missing or a leak occurs, this damage cannot be ignored. During the late fall and winter months, our rooves must withstand heavy snow and ice. If the roof is deteriorating and no maintenance has been performed, you may experience:

  • Water damage
  • Increased energy bills
  • Gutter damage

The longer you wait to have a roof replacement, the more expensive the job will be. When the weather is nice, inspect the roof for signs of impairment. If there appears to be any damage, contact a roofing professional to assess the condition of your roof. At the end of summer when kids are back to school, you are less likely to be on a waiting list for repairs.

Wash Your Windows

Your windows have likely accumulated dirt and dust throughout the summer months. A thorough washing will remove pollen and grime inside and out. In the process, inspect the window screens for damage and make any necessary replacements.

A full home window replacement can be a big project but if you notice an increase in energy consumption or any drafts, this should be addressed before cold weather sets in.

Garage Door Replacement

According to Remodeling Magazine, a garage door replacement is one of the best home improvement projects for return on investment. Replacement is absolutely necessary in the event the door is broken, as you’ll want to keep belongings protected from the elements.

If your garage door is covered in dents and chipped paint, end-of-summer is a great time to restore it’s appearance. Looking to move into a new house before winter? Homes that are on the market should have good curb appeal to attract potential buyers!

Makeover Your Deck

There may only be weeks left to enjoy lounging on the deck, but this feature of the home should not be ignored until next summer. The material of your deck is constantly exposed to the outdoor elements, including rain, snow and freezing cold temperatures. If you have a traditional wood deck, it may begin to rot over time, resulting in serious structural damage.

Start by power-washing the deck to remove debris and get a better look at its condition. If you choose to replace the boards or completely rebuild the deck, consider a weather, bug and slip-resistant material like composite decking. The lifespan or your deck could be doubled or tripled with proper maintenance!

Grow Your Garden

Although spring and summer are the ideal times to start planting, you can still harvest fall fruits and vegetables in the final weeks of summer. Before planting new seeds, make sure to remove any diseased plants from the summer and replenish the garden with fresh soil.

Cold-season crops like cabbage and beets can withstand cooler temperatures, so don’t worry about a couple light frosts before the vegetables have fully grown. In Connecticut, overnight frosts typically start in October, so have your crops planted by early September.
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