Mention the word ‘drone’ and chances are people will duck for cover. The un-manned aircraft that have been used to spy on and attack targets around the world are now being re-imagined by inventors and engineers to do everything from topography maps and sell real estate. You read that right, real estate offices in Connecticut have started to experiment with drones when marketing high end properties to clients.

Miniature helicopters and unmanned drones are taking off and flying over properties to shoot videos and take photographs that give realtors more information for prospective clients. With virtual tours taking off and print ads a thing of the past, realtors are seeking out new ways to market residential properties and drones are quickly becoming the next big thing. Several Connecticut agencies including Coldwell-Banker and Halstead are using unmanned aircraft to get angles and overhead views of properties that before were unavailable.

The photos and videos that are produced from drone flights are then used on realtor websites to promote certain homes and properties. Realtors who use the service believe it is the novelty of it that attracts interested buyers. Everyone expects to see ground level images and even virtual tours, but seeing a property from 400 feet above is something new and unique. With aerial photography, buyers get a better view of their surroundings then simply driving around the neighborhood.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) prohibits commercial operations of unmanned aircraft but realtors steer clear of this rule by using drones only for residential homes. If you hear a buzz overhead don’t think you’re being spied on, chances are it’s a drone being used by a realtor to gain an edge on the competition.

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