Even if the home you are planning has a traditional look and feel, you will still want modern amenities in the bathroom to make life more convenient and comfortable. Many homeowners in Connecticut enjoy designing a home that fits in with the classic New England heritage and it’s common to see many dwellings that exude a rustic charm. Yet behind the antique look are modern bathrooms that retain an old style feel while still delivering the best in modern performance.

When you sit down to plan your new custom home, give careful attention to the layout of the master bathroom and other bathrooms in the house. These rooms are often the most used and need to be designed in a way that fits the look of the home and the needs of you and your family.

Decide early on if you want showers or bath tubs, how many sinks each bathroom will have and what style you prefer. Figure out the length of mirrors in each bathroom and the amount of cabinet space you will need. When you know the details in advance it is much easier to plan a bathroom that will give you the space you need to live the way you want.

Again, even if you want the look of a classic New England home there is no reason why you should rely on antiquated plumbing systems, showers and toilets. Look for high end bathroom fixtures, faucets and shower systems that feature old fashion designs but have all the performance of modern technology. Remember that a bathroom is a private place where people go to unwind and the more comforting you make these rooms the more you will enjoy using them.

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