With summer just around the corner residents of Connecticut can start preparing for the heat and humidity. Sure, we all complain about the cold and rough winters, but summer can be just as brutal and when the temperatures reach into the 90’s with 100% humidity, you’ll be wishing for some of the cold January air.

If you own a home in Connecticut and want to keep your energy costs under control while still enjoying the comfort of air conditioning, follow some tips from By Carrier.

If you have five people living in your home, you have five different ideas of what comfortable means. When everyone has access to the thermostat this will create problems. Remember, room temperature is 68 degrees Fahrenheit, no matter what month it is. Keeping the temperature in your home at a steady level is much better than constantly altering it.

Unfortunately most people will blast the A/C when at home and shut it off completely when leaving. This causes a spike in energy consumption and it will be reflected on your utility bill with a corresponding spike in price. Avoid these high costs by using an energy smart A/C unit that will automatically shut off when a pre-set temperature is reached.

When using an air conditioner remember to shut all windows and doors. Letting valuable and costly cool air to escape is wasting energy and will lead to higher energy bills. Also, don’t be overly dependent on air conditioning. If the day is mild, consider using fans and opening a few windows to get a nice cross-breeze. There will be days when the A/C is absolutely necessary but when the air is relatively cool give the A/C a rest.

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