The Difference Between Custom and Manufactured Homes

As you shop around for a new home, you might come across terms like custom, pre-built, manufactured and even stick-built. At a glance, all seem the same: something completely brand new, likely in a community of similar properties. Yet, so you do not find yourself in a home that does not meet your needs or…

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The Impact of Internet Access on Home Prices

Would you purchase a home in an area without high-speed internet access? According to a Wall Street Journal article, many buyers won’t. Over the past five years, it has become more difficult for communities without this attribute to attract families and businesses. Buyers quoted in the WSJ piece mention that not having internet is essentially…

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Homeownership is More Profitable for Men Than Women

As a single homeowner, have you ever thought about how your property stacks up to the competition, both in initial and long-term value? RealtyTrac decided to find out who gets a better deal – single men or women – in the homeownership process. According to a study published in May, homeownership for single individuals tends…

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When Shouldn’t You Buy a Home?

Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases we make in our lives. As a result, there are often “right” times to buy a home and “wrong” ones. When should you put off making this decision? 1. Your Can’t Make the Down Payment These days, lenders offer loans with down payments from 3.5 to…

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4 Common Hurdles to Homeownership

Even as mortgage rates drop, housing trends indicate potential buyers’ hesitancy to make a purchase. What hurdles might they face? 1. The Complex Mortgage Process According to a Digital Risk survey, the longer mortgage application process deters many potential first-time buyers. This includes a longer closing time and greater setbacks stemming from stricter regulations. A…

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