Exceptional Custom Homes In Connecticut

By Carrier has been known for building exceptional custom homes in Connecticut with an industry-leading 5-year warranty for 50 years! When you start the homebuying process with By Carrier, you’ll meet with a new home specialist who holds your hand every step of the way. We make the process straightforward and are always available to…

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5 Tips for Finding the Right Home

Those just beginning the home-buying process find it overwhelming at first, especially because of the vast number of options out there. While realtors might steer you in one direction and your lender pushes another, a handful of factors can help determine which home is truly the right one for you. 1. Long-Term Potential As with…

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The Homeownership Rate Increases for the First Time in Two Years

The Department of Commerce and the Census Bureau just released their third-quarter figures concerning homeownership and vacancies, and data from the past three months shows a two-year trend might be reversing. Specifically, the percentage of Americans owning homes increased to 63.7 percent, up from 63.4 percent in 2015’s second quarter. However, while the amount bucks…

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4 Essential Tips for Choosing Homeowners Insurance

Plenty of buyers, whether first-time or experienced, wonder, “Do I really need homeowners insurance?” The fact is, you never know when an emergency will happen, and for those rare but potential instances, your policy becomes a financial lifesaver. Whether your property experiences damage, something gets stolen, or you have to temporarily relocate elsewhere, your coverage…

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4 Common Baby Boomer Housing Trends

As a demographic, Baby Boomers purchased their first homes in the 1980s or ‘90s. Then, many graduated into a second, larger house. Trends, however, indicate these bigger properties, sometimes dubbed “McMansions,” aren’t always practical. Financially, they become a burden to many. As many are located far out into the suburbs, they’re far from many conveniences….

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