New Construction Communities: Why Buy Early?

Are you getting ready to move? Rather than look online for properties from local sellers, consider a new construction community! One benefit of buying a brand-new home is the opportunity you have to create a living space that fits your style and needs. At By Carrier, we take a customer-focused approach to accommodate every homeowner….

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Should You Renovate or Build a New Home?

The decision between remodeling an existing home and building a custom home is unique to each family. Lifestyle, budget and the need for certain amenities can differ greatly but identifying these factors can help you make an informed decision. We list 5 things to consider before taking the plunge. How Old Is The Home? When…

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Understanding the Process of Custom Homebuilding

As a potential homebuyer, you’ve likely assessed dozen of homes already on the market. In the process, you discover they don’t quite fit your needs in terms of features, layout and energy efficiency. After doing some research, you find that having a custom home built would resolve many of your concerns. Between designing and building…

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3 Common Concerns About Custom Homes

In the process of designing a custom home, you might work with an architect to draw up plans and a builder to execute them, find land and apply for a loan, all before the foundation is set. While you believe you’ll be getting the home of your dreams, all parties involved often have common concerns….

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7 Types of Warm-Weather Damage Your Home May Experience

Many associate property damage with winter: ice expands, cold causes materials to crack and freeze and snow piles up, causing roofs to leak and sag. Yet, warm weather comes with its own set of detrimental issues, including the following seven outlined below. 1. Roof Damage When spring rolls around, your roof faces a new set…

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