What Can Affect Your Home’s HVAC System?

During summer, you clean and replace your HVAC system’s filters often to keep its cooling function performing at an optimal level. Yet, from the season’s humidity to your pet’s hair, a range of factors can affect how well it cools or your home and your monthly costs. Consider the following. Humidity Once temperatures heat up,…

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What To Do After Your Home Floods

Not every flood is caused by a rainstorm. Rather, a nearby river may overflow, your home’s sewer system gets backed up, a sump-pump malfunctions or pipes burst. In all cases, your home can end with up anywhere from a few inches to a few feet of water covering the basement floor. You wonder what you…

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What to Do When You Find Pests in Your Home

Whether it’s mice, roaches or rats, no one likes finding a critter from the outside living in their attic, basement or walls. Their presence – from annoying to bad for your health – can indicate something is attracting them to your home. In some instances, that could be easily accessible food. In others, your attic…

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3 Tips for Effective and Safe Snow Removal

The season’s first snowfall in Connecticut has long come and gone but, as many residents know, you should expect a few more major storms before spring. For most of us, snow removal becomes par for the course. Yet, the time it takes to shovel and the soreness you experience afterward make you procrastinate for as…

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Home Safety Tips for the Holidays

Getting ready for the holidays often means putting up decorations, trekking through snow, making trips to the store and long drives to visit family. Between Thanksgiving and the New Year, your home is susceptible to various safety hazards. To get through the season, consider the following issues. Decorations They look pretty – but extension cords,…

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