7 Common Issues of Building a Custom Home

For many, a custom home in a suburban neighborhood might seem like a dream. You get to build a property to your vision, down to the exact features in every room. However, as the process unfolds, several issues may arise. To avoid finding yourself with a new home that’s not quite what you imagined, consider…

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How Do Loans for Custom Homes Work?

When you make the decision to buy a custom home, you’ll need to apply for a mortgage. Once the project is underway, you soon find a construction loan is also essential. So, how does this process work and what should you know? The Basics Even though a builder will be constructing your home from the…

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Should You Buy or Build a Home?

Homebuyers have two major choices: To purchase an existing property or have one constructed from the ground up. Yet, not all custom homes are the same. Certain properties are built “on spec,” are semi-customized as part of a development or can be completely designed and built to your exact requirements. Yet, no matter which custom…

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USDA Announces National Homeownership Month

As one type of loan geared toward both rural and suburban properties, USDA mortgages have been a financing option for many homeowners. Over the past decade, more and more individuals have used USDA loans to purchase homes and, in response, the government organization announced National Homeownership Month with a press release in early June. On…

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When’s the Best Time to Purchase a Home?

Potential homeowners shopping around might wonder if purchasing a home is best during that particular month or season, or if they should wait until another time of year to get a better deal. Certain times tend to be better than others; however, that depends upon your goals. Spring Without a doubt, spring – in the…

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