couple moving inAre you ready to move into your dream home? Now could be the perfect time to look! Summer is here and the real estate market is heating up. Here are some reasons why summer could be the best time to start your home-buying journey.

Large Inventory

According to, the market has an increased number of listings during the summer season. A larger inventory provides you more options, along with a greater opportunity to find a home that meets your specific needs and desires.

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More Daylight

Thanks to Daylight Saving Time, we have more hours of sun this time of year. The extra light also gives you more time to look at potential properties, plus see how well lights fills the rooms.

Don’t worry about rushing after work or waking up early on a Sunday morning. You will have the chance to attend open houses or schedule a private consultation on your schedule.

Buying your dream home now also gives you more time to complete renovations. You can work on landscaping and other outdoor projects that are difficult to complete during colder months, with less daylight.

Less Buyers

School’s out! That means many potential buyers may be too occupied with their kids to be in a position to look for homes. Others take the summer to go on vacation, travel to beaches and amusement parks. Fewer buyers looking and a larger market equals a recipe for success!

Ideal Moving Weather

The summer weather provides great moving conditions. You won’t have to lug heavy boxes through piles of snow, risk frost bite from long hours spent outdoors or chilly evening temperatures. Feel the summer sun and enjoy time outside, all while moving into your new home!
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