Essential Home Improvements for Summer

It’s always a good idea to do major home improvements right after winter ends. After all, the cold often does a number on your home. But, spring brings rain showers and colder evenings. Due to these conditions, it might not be the right time to make certain improvements. Rather, summer may be more optimal: Longer…

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Understanding the Process of Custom Homebuilding

As a potential homebuyer, you’ve likely assessed dozen of homes already on the market. In the process, you discover they don’t quite fit your needs in terms of features, layout and energy efficiency. After doing some research, you find that having a custom home built would resolve many of your concerns. Between designing and building…

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What Can Affect Your Home’s HVAC System?

During summer, you clean and replace your HVAC system’s filters often to keep its cooling function performing at an optimal level. Yet, from the season’s humidity to your pet’s hair, a range of factors can affect how well it cools or your home and your monthly costs. Consider the following. Humidity Once temperatures heat up,…

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5 Tips for Starting a Home Garden

When spring rolls around, many homeowners start wishing they had a garden for fresh flowers, vegetables and herbs. So, you start digging the dirt and find some plants at the local nursery. While the plants initially thrive, they’re gone by fall. In response, you’re often left wondering, “Could I have done something differently?” If you…

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What To Do After Your Home Floods

Not every flood is caused by a rainstorm. Rather, a nearby river may overflow, your home’s sewer system gets backed up, a sump-pump malfunctions or pipes burst. In all cases, your home can end with up anywhere from a few inches to a few feet of water covering the basement floor. You wonder what you…

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