What To Do After Your Home Floods

Not every flood is caused by a rainstorm. Rather, a nearby river may overflow, your home’s sewer system gets backed up, a sump-pump malfunctions or pipes burst. In all cases, your home can end with up anywhere from a few inches to a few feet of water covering the basement floor. You wonder what you…

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What to Do When You Find Pests in Your Home

Whether it’s mice, roaches or rats, no one likes finding a critter from the outside living in their attic, basement or walls. Their presence – from annoying to bad for your health – can indicate something is attracting them to your home. In some instances, that could be easily accessible food. In others, your attic…

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6 Common Energy-Efficient Home Upgrades

Whether you make home improvements to an existing property or move into a house already equipped with these features, energy-efficient improvements add value in two ways. In the short term, less power and water usage decrease your utility bill. In particular, appliances may have a notable impact. Long-term, because energy-efficient features are in demand, your…

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10 Common Features of a “Perfect” House

Many of us have an idea of a “dream home” in our minds, but is it practical? A house should suit current and future needs, have no functionality issues and make your life easier overall. Must-have qualities vary from one homebuyer to the next, but the following list includes 10 common requests. A Single Level…

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Millennials Continue to Fuel Homeownership Growth

According to a recent survey by the Census Bureau, homeownership rates experienced their first rise in 17 years. While levels aren’t quite on par with figures before the Great Recession, data indicates that national homeownership has reached 63.9 percent. Its last high point was 69 percent in 2004. Differences in Homeownership Growth across regions and…

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