Today there are many homeowners who want the look of a traditional home but without having to sacrifice the convenience of modern technology and appliances. People who buy into older homes often find the maintenance and upkeep too much of an economic burden and wish there was a comfortable balance between the two.

The desire for antique and traditional looking kitchens, bathrooms and homes is understandable, especially in New England. We are surrounded by history and want our homes to reflect the rich heritage of the surrounding environment. However, living in a home with traditional wood siding, copper gutters, wood burning stoves and other classic features is not easy.

In order to get the look you want and the features you need it is necessary to compromise on materials and find a way to get a traditional look without relying entirely on antique methods and craftsmanship. For instance, wood siding is very attractive but is prone to weather damage, insect infestations and rot. A safer and more economical alternative is to use vinyl siding that can be crafted to look like traditional wood but without the need for annual finishing and staining.

The same holds true for indoor rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. Providing the exterior look of a classic tub or sink is fine as long as the faucets and drains work up to code. Working with a contractor will allow you to explain the look you want and at the same time figure out how to keep the functionality of the room modern.

Living in a rustic home from the 1800’s may seem romantic but when you are faced with the daily chores that it takes to keep such a home running you will long for the amenities of modern homes. At By Carrier we work closely with each individual homeowner to ensure you get the look you want without having to sacrifice modern technology and features.

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