flooded kitchen floorHow common are floods in Connecticut? According to Stacker, we’re the 14th most at-risk state for property flooding. Connecticut homes are prone to floods all year round, whether caused by heavy rainfall, a blizzard or snowmelt. Structures located along the shoreline and near lakes or rivers can be even more susceptible to flooding.

Floods can cause a full spectrum of damage to your home. Some of the most common issues include structural damage, mold and electrical issues. If you experience flooding in your home, here’s what you should do and what you should avoid.

Don’ts After Flooding

When your home endures water damage, keep the following “don’ts” in mind.

Leave Wet Furniture

Do not leave chairs, couches or tables sitting in the wet area. Water can permanently damage your furniture by causing mold or rot to form. Move the affected pieces to a dry area or put something underneath to prevent it from touching the water.

Use Electrical Tools

Using appliances like a vacuum or generator near the flood can be very dangerous to you and your home. In the event of a power outage, make sure to keep all electronics a great distance away from the affected area.

Wait to Take Action

Don’t wait to address the flood damage in your home. Call a professional immediately to assess the situation and determine the best solution. The longer you wait, the worse the damage can get, potentially causing additional problems like mold or structural cave-ins.

Dos After Flooding

Take the following actions if your home is affected by water damage.

Identify the Source

If you experience flooding, it’s important to determine where the water is coming from so you can stop it. While it could have an obvious source, like a recent storm, flooding can also be caused by a hidden plumbing leak. If the flow of water is due to something inside your home, shut off the water until a professional arrives.

Circulate Air

Opening windows and doors can help circulate air in your home and start to dry up the water. In warmer weather, you might benefit more by turning on fans or the air conditioner.

Clean & Dry

If you notice large puddles of water forming, use a mop, buckets and towels to clean it up. This can help the area dry quicker and allow you to better assess the damage. It’s also important to move any items affected by the flood to an arid space in your home to dry.
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