Owning a home is still part of the American dream but with the skyrocketing costs of energy and heating some are wondering if it’s worth it to own. Buying into a home that will force you to spend a small fortune on heating and cooling is not a smart investment and today it makes more sense to have a home custom built that will factor in energy efficient floor plans and energy smart designs and appliances to make energy bills affordable. By Carrier, a leading custom home builder in Connecticut is an industry leader when it comes to energy efficient new home construction and many of their planned communities feature some of the highest energy efficient homes in the area.

Costs for heating fuel and oil aren’t going down anytime soon. Energy is at a premium and with proven oil reserves being tapped every day prices can only go up. Homeowners are searching for all kinds of ways to lower energy costs and the best way is to start from the ground up and have a floor plan created to utilize energy efficient designs and appliances that will result in significantly lower heating and cooling costs. Over time these savings will add up and the value of your home will increase. Low utility costs are big selling points for homes and with an energy smart home you can raise the asking price a little higher.

Some of the features of By Carrier’s energy efficient homes include: 98+% efficient gas furnaces, high-efficiency air conditioning, programmable thermostats, multiple heating and cooling zones, insulated interior basement walls and water-conserving fixtures. Keeping water, gas and electric bills down will help tremendously when budgeting your family’s income. To learn more about the energy efficient techniques and appliance used in By Carrier custom homes contact a sales agent at one of their award winning communities.

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