In New England, winter almost always brings several feet of snow and with it, brings inevitable cleanups for homeowners. While plenty of home improvement guides offer tips heading into the winter season, how do you take care of your property during and after the powder piles up? Consider the following tips:

1. Protect Your Outdoor Furniture

Not all furniture can be brought indoors, so what about your full patio set that can’t fit in the garage? Rather than leaving it exposed to the elements, watching the snow pile on top, experts say to use a tarp or large plastic covers over each piece. Then, as a secondary protective measure, apply petroleum jelly to spots that may rust.

2. Avoid the Rock Salt

Although it’s applied to the roads after a storm, rock salt is not always the best option for your property, as it harms your grass and may stain your clothes. If you’re looking to add traction to slick, icy areas, cover the ground with sand or cat litter instead.

3. Reduce Drafts

Many homeowners opt to put a draft snake by the door or add foam or plastic wrap to the windows. However, heat can still escape from plenty of other places, including those below and above your living areas. To reduce your heating bill, caulk around wiring holes, plumbing vents, ducts and rim joints.

4. Shovel During the Storm

Many might think of this approach as counterproductive, however shoveling through more than a foot of snow places significant strain on your back if you’re not careful. Instead, it’s recommended that you go over your driveway and walkway after a few inches accumulate, clearing it away bit by bit until the storm stops.

5. Repair Places Where Ice Could Form

No one expects to be in an accident right in their driveway, but when a puddle of water freezes over, this scenario becomes a possibility. To prevent this from happening on your property, it’s recommended that you look for depressions and other areas where water could gather and freeze over and repair them before a predicted storm.

6. Remove Tree Branches

The snow stops falling and you think you’ve made it through the blizzard, with a little snow to clear off your car and driveway. But, then you see the fallen branches and realize that even more problems have been created by the storm. To avoid this situation, evaluate your trees each winter, determining if branches could fall on your home, car or bring down a powerline. Before an impending storm, have them cut down to a safer length and distance from your home.

If you’re used to the snow, Connecticut is a great place to live, especially in one of By Carrier’s many communities. To learn more about our custom homes in Central Connecticut, give us a call today.

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