blog-starterThose just beginning the home-buying process find it overwhelming at first, especially because of the vast number of options out there. While realtors might steer you in one direction and your lender pushes another, a handful of factors can help determine which home is truly the right one for you.

1. Long-Term Potential

As with many purchasing decisions, some buyers tend to only take their immediate needs into consideration. However, experts recommend that you envision yourself in the property for several years, if not a decade or two, down the line. Others say to consider your current situation and future needs in five to seven years and from there, determine if a particular home will be the right fit.

2. Room to Grow

Along the lines of the first point, not only should you think about your needs, but further factor in your changing lifestyle. For instance, are you planning for a baby or will you have a child returning home from college? Aside from another person living in the house with you, the spaces should ideally be adaptable and designed to serve multiple functions as changes arise.

3. Maintenance

Another major factor is the amount of maintenance the property will need – and if you’ll be ready to do it. Generally, if you purchase a single-family home, expect to be cleaning up and manicuring the yard and grounds, while condos are better-suited for those who are best described as ‘lock-and-go’ residents.

4. Community

Will the neighborhood and surrounding town include everything you need? Factor in commute time to your job, the nearest shopping center for basic necessities, the school system and local entertainment. If you’re someone who doesn’t like or is unable to travel a longer distance, you’ll likely want a community where most of the essentials are a quick drive away – or even a brief walk.

5. Reselling

Along with these factors, take reselling into account. Aside from the price you could sell it for, consider how many buyers would be interested in your home. There is a balance that needs to be maintained; experts say not to buy solely for the resale value, as you could end up with too many maintenance needs that you can’t afford, but to consider how much your home is like the others surrounding it. Typically, the more similar your home is to others, the easier time you’ll have selling it in the future.

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