There are many types of home builders in Connecticut but only a few are good enough to be called custom home builders. Putting up tract homes doesn’t take much creativity and if you can use a hammer and saw you can probably construct a home pretty quick. However, to get a home that is unique, reflects your lifestyle and is built to last take superior construction skills.

At By Carrier we take great pride in being Connecticut’s leading custom home builder and if you are planning to plan and design a custom home, we offer a few tips about working with a custom home builder.

Your Vision – Unlike tract homes that are symbols of conformity, a custom home is designed from your original vision. Where other builders will tell you how the home will look, custom home builders will take the time to consult with you and the architect to discuss your vision for a new home and how it can become a reality. Since this is a new experience for many it is important to speak your mind during the initial consultations and get all your ideas on the table. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and let the builders know your dream home specs. Not everything you desire will be physically possible but it never hurts to ask.

Be Specific – Custom home builders can construct homes in many styles and models. But they need your input to get it the way you want it. When you are sitting down to discuss designs and ideas have a list of what you want. Whether it’s European tile in the bathrooms, hand crafted wood cabinetry in the kitchen or red oak hardwood flooring on the first floor, the more specific you are the better. Once you get into the details of each room you’ll be amazed by the incredible variety of materials and styles available and the sooner you settle on what features you want the easier it will be for the builders to get to work.

Feedback – Getting the custom home of your dreams is all about give and take. When you establish a solid working relationship with a custom home builder you will be able to float ideas and get valuable feedback that will help you determine the best course of action. It helps to keep an open mind when planning a new home and listening to the builders when they explain what is and what is not possible. There will be some compromise on your part but you will find that the more flexible you are the better your home will be.

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