During the winter season, you may find yourself spending more time at home in order to escape the darkness and cold. When temperatures drop and snow falls, we rely on our indoor heating and lights to keep us comfortable.

As a result, you may notice your electric bill starting to rise during the winter months. Here are a few tips to lower your energy usage and save money!

Upgrade Your Thermostat

When outside temperatures drop, a homeowner’s first thought is often to turn up the heat inside. This increase of use makes having an efficient thermostat crucial!

A faulty thermostat can cause the heat to turn on and off without completing a cycle, which can have a large impact on your energy bill over time.

Consider installing a smart programmable thermostat that allows you to pre-set your heating cycles and ensure each one is fully completed.

By Carrier communities feature some of the most energy-efficient homes in the state, and include programmable thermostats, multiple heating and cooling zones and other features.

Invest In New Lights

With the sun setting earlier in the day, you are forced to turn our home lights on earlier. Lighting accounts for about 25 person of each electric bill! Get in the habit of turning off the lights when you leave a room.

A great way to reduce energy consumption is switching to low-wattage bulbs. The lower the wattage, the less electricity they use. You can go one step further and use LED bulbs, which use less electricity and last longer than traditional light bulbs.

Consider smart home technology to manage your lighting. With this update, you can control each bulb from your smartphone or through a smart speaker. By downloading an app and connecting the lights to your device, you can also control them while away from home!

Have Proper Insulation

Having a properly insulated home can prevent heat from escaping through a wall, duct or roof. This way, you can reduce the amount of energy needed to heat your space.

According to the U.S. Energy Department, reducing drafts in your home can cut energy costs by up to 20 percent! To seal drafts yourself, re-caulk the windows and doors, use foam tape or try weatherstripping.

By Carrier homes are equipped with high-performance, vinyl clad wood and low-e windows that reduce heat loss through the window glass. The insulated interior basement walls, exterior doors and roof attic ceiling also tightly seal to better insulate each home. The air ducts are kept inside each home’s insulated area, meaning no energy is lost!
For more ways to make your home energy efficient and save money on your next bill, contact By Carrier’s experts today!

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