Living in Connecticut offers residents many advantages including four seasons that bring beautiful scenery year round. Unfortunately, summer and winter storms including hurricanes and Nor’easters also pose a very risky threat in terms of floods. Many homeowners are unaware that flood insurance is not automatically included in their home insurance policy. If you own a custom luxury home or live in a planned community in Connecticut, speak to your insurance agent to determine if you need flood insurance.

Whether your home is near the ocean, a river or reservoir you need to be aware of the tremendous damage rising flood waters can do to a home. Research indicates homeowners in America are 26 times more likely to be affected by a flood than fire. Another interesting fact is that a 1/3 of all flood claims come from people that live outside known flood zones. Tropical storms and melting snow can easily cause water levels to rise and create flood conditions that could pose a major risk to the foundation of your home.

When you build a new custom home you invest a lot. Watching your home suffer damage from a flood is bad enough, finding out after the fact that your homeowner’s policy doesn’t include flood insurance is heartbreaking. Don’t wait until a storm is predicted to buy flood insurance. No insurance company is going to write a policy if a flood is imminent. Contact your insurance agent today and assess your risks and needs to determine if flood insurance is right for you.

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