If you study real estate trends you will notice that, like many industries, things run in cycles. Give it enough time and things often revert back to a previous style. For years raised ranch homes were the trend and then it shifted to modular homes. Now, after years of seeing developments spring up where all the homes looked pretty much the same, the push is for more custom homes that show off the individual style of the homeowner.

The popularity of custom homes started to wane in the 1950’s when the mass exodus from the cities to the suburbs began and to accommodate the sudden population booms, developers started to build similar housing tracts to make it easier and faster.

Prior to the big move, homes were constructed that took into account the unique personality and lifestyle of the owner. That focus is once again becoming a top priority for homeowners who don’t want their home looking like all the others.

Why homeowners have grown tired of the tract housing trend is anyone’s guess but today the focus is on custom homes that are designed to suit the lifestyles of each individual owner. Those looking to buy for the first time or moving into a new home after renting for some time are adamant about having a place that is designed with their needs in mind. Moving into an existing home means living in a home that was built by someone else, for someone else and today homeowners aren’t very keen on compromise.

Custom homes are popular now because homeowners today want a say in how their finished home looks. Before people simply assumed that a contractor knew what was best and that their opinions did not count for much when it came to the design of their home. Now homeowners know better and insist that their needs are met when their new home is built. When someone chooses to go custom they know they can incorporate their vision into the new home and have it reflect their unique character.

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