If you are buying a new home in Connecticut, chances are you will want to decorate it in a style that invokes the unique character of New England. Traditional décor is becoming popular once again as homeowners are passing on the plastic piece together furnishings for more durable and stylish hardwood tables, chairs, cabinets and dressers.

Creating a traditional New England theme in your Connecticut home takes more than just a few hardwood objects. You need to plan each room carefully to ensure a smooth flow and find the right designs to match your unique lifestyle.

Start with Real Wood: The best way to begin shaping your interior décor into a traditional New England theme is to use genuine hardwood. There are many benefits for metal, aluminum and other materials, but to achieve a traditional look and feel nothing compares to rich and rustic mahogany, cherry and cedar.

The right furniture piece with the right stain can make the ordinary look extraordinary and create a classic presentation. Great hardwood items include dining table and chair sets, occasional tables and end tables, beds and chests.

Use Antique Replicas: Antique furniture is hard to find and can cost a lot. An alternative is to seek out antique replicas that offer the distinct look of antique furniture without all the years. From pre-17th century to mid-20th century, you can find incredible antique replicas in the form of cocktail tables, glass door display cases, solid wood cabinets and home office desks. One top brand name furniture manufacturer known for high quality European style antique replicas is Jonathan Charles. Browse their fine selection of solid wood antique replicas to find the perfect matches for your home décor.

Be Consistent: If you are working on a traditional theme, keep to the theme. Many times homeowners will slip in a piece of furniture that doesn’t flow with the existing furnishings to fill in space. It is better to wait and leave the room alone then add in something that is modern and exotic and will clash with the traditional theme. If dark stained mahogany wood is the prevailing look of a particular room décor then continue with it and look for matching pieces that will keep the continuity going.

Stick with solid wood, conservative color palettes, rich tones, ornate decorative details and furnishings that exude a classic elegance and warmth.

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