If your custom home in Connecticut has a basement, you are probably thinking of ways to utilize this large space. Many homeowners neglect their basement and simply use it as storage space when it could be a fully functional and comfortable room in the home.

From game rooms and bars to media centers and indoor gyms, a basement has the ability to be a fantastic addition to your home. Here are some tips from the expert home builders at By Carrier to get started on basement renovations.

Make Sure it’s Dry: Before you start any type of work in your basement, make sure there won’t be any water issues. Being underground, basements are known for flooding and if you start renovating without checking the water situation you may be in a for a rude awakening when it rains. Consult with a contractor and make sure the ground is sloped away from the foundation walls and your gutter downspouts are free of clogs.

Attain Permits: Renovations often need to be cleared with the town and in some cases may require a building permit. If you simply start work on your home without checking you could be forced to stop and perhaps pay a fine. Before you begin any work on your basement, find out if you need a permit to start and also check that any electrical work is done to code.

Have a Plan: It’s always best to have a carefully thought out plan before you start work on a basement. Whether you plant to transform the room into a carpeted recreational room or have it be an indoor sauna with exercise room, it won’t be cheap to renovate. If you work without a plan you could find the costs escalating quickly and construction problems bogging you down. Budgeting and planning ahead of time will save you time and money.

Insulate: Basements rarely come pre-heated. When planning your basement renovation, keep in mind you will most-likely have to insulate the walls to make for a comfortable space. You also want to decide how you want to keep moisture from seeping in. Polyurethane sheeting is a great product and is very easy to work with.

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