Let’s say you just purchased a new custom home in one of the luxury By Carrier communities. Congratulations, you’ve finally settled into the home of your dreams. And while the home will have everything you’ve always wanted, there will definitely be some areas you will want to work on in the future to get everything just right.

One area many homeowners need some time to figure out is the landscaping. Getting comfortable in the new home takes time and you may want the Connecticut seasons to cycle through once before you make decisions regarding the lawn, pool area and garden.

At By Carrier we know how important the look of your landscape is so we offer a few simple tips to help beginners get started.

Consult with an Expert: Even if you are planning on doing some or all of the landscaping on your own, it always helps to consult with a pro first. Landscaping is a lot more than just mowing the lawn, planting some shrubs and tending to a garden. There is a big picture at play that involves the house and the surrounding community. You want your landscape to be unique but it also needs to blend in seamlessly with the neighborhood and a professional landscaper can help guide you in the early stages.

Plan in Advance: Making it up as you go is a great way to create a confusing and haphazard landscape. Without a well-thought out plan you may start with a certain theme only to change your mind midway through and end up with a yard that is half botanical garden and half stone wall with shrubs that don’t mesh and trees that loo0k out of place. Sit down and carefully plan the way you want your landscape to look. Be open-minded and consider all your options. It’s a lot better to make corrections on paper than to have to do it on a real lawn.

Time Purchases: Saving money and getting the best plants and shrubs has a lot to do with timing. Buying trees, perennials and soil later in the season will help you save money since prices tend to come down after the rush of the peak season passes. You should also avoid jumping on the latest plants since the short supply can mean higher prices. If you are planning construction projects, buying lumber and other supplies during the winter months can lead to significant savings. If you are planning on building a new deck, get your materials in January and save the building for May.

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