Buying a new home or having a custom home built for you, is an exciting but also stressful time. This is one of the most important financial decisions most people ever make and the thought of having something go wrong when so much is on the line keeps many new homeowners awake at night. At By Carrier we want everyone in Connecticut to find the home of their dreams and we offer some helpful tips for first time custom home buyers so they can realize this dream.

Find your Location – Connecticut has many types of natural scenery. From the rustic and wooded sections of the state interior to the salt-tinged air of the scenic shoreline you’ll find many different landscapes that could be an ideal location for your home. Before you look at new homes or sites for future planned communities, be sure to find the surrounding that is right for you and your family. If you’re raising a family this could be your home for the next 20 years so you need to be sure it’s more than just OK for your needs.

Plan your Budget – The lingering recession has taken a toll on new home construction and housing but signs of recovery are showing. When you start to look for new custom homes have an idea of what your budget will be and remember that you need to factor in more than just the amount for the home but also homeowner’s insurance, property taxes, utilities and lawn care. Having a good idea what your monthly expenses will be will help you find the homes that best fit your budget.

Find Open Houses – Nothing equals the experience of walking through a new home. A realtor can talk up a place and pictures can make it look great, but until you walk through the halls and have a chance to look around you won’t really know how you feel about a place. When you see open houses make an attempt to attend as many as you can so you have a good idea of what’s available and what the costs are for homes equivalent to what you’re thinking of buying.

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