When shopping for new homes the single most important factor most people consider is space. Sure, families will want a safe neighborhood and a good school system and active adults will want privacy to call their own, but when it comes to truly enjoying the time you spend in a home it all comes down to space. At By Carrier we make design flexibility a priority to meet the demands of how people live their lives today. We offer all our customers the opportunity to meet with a design specialist to custom design a home that exceeds expectations.

Finding an existing home on the market that has the space you need is hard. Remember, these homes were built for someone else and by someone else and did not factor in your unique needs of lifestyle. However, when buying a new home in Connecticut from By Carrier you get the option for open floor plans that give you the space to work with to custom design a home that fits your every need. From more windows and larger kitchens to open closets and storage areas we work closely with you to ensure you get a design that flows with your lifestyle.

When you work with By Carrier to design a new luxury custom home you not only get the combined skill and experience of a company in business since 1971, but also the flexibility to add your thoughts and ideas that will be listened to by professional architects and builders who can help make your dreams a reality. It’s your home, it should have the space you want and the room you need. Contact By Carrier today to consult with our expert home builders and get started on a custom floor plan that will suit your lifestyle.

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