smart home Did you know that 25 percent of U.S. homeowners live in a smart home? Housing market analysts believe this figure may actually double over the next five years, particularly as real estate agents are seeing greater demand for such properties.

What exactly is a smart home? Although no single format exists, these properties typically have some kind of automation built in that provides additional security and improved energy efficiency. Also, many systems operate via Wi-Fi technology, a convenient option that requires less hardwiring and may have a single hub to make modifications.

However, as this demand grows, technology continues to change and adapt. In 2017, the following six features are all must-haves for homeowners who wish to be part of this trend.

1. Voice Command

Although debates continue over the best operating system, the consensus seems to be that voice-command systems provide a stronger, more efficient smart experience than using an app. Voice-command technology further offers compatibility with locks, light switches, thermostats, smoke and carbon dioxide alarms. Plus, more and more integrate effortlessly with smart home hubs, including Google Home, Wink and Apple HomeKit.

2. Efficient Laundry Systems

What if you no longer had to take a load of laundry out of the washer to put it in the dryer? In-demand systems combine these capabilities into one single device. As a bonus, more advanced technology makes it possible to fold and refresh your clothing after the system dries it.

3. Smart Security

A request by 62 percent of all smart homeowners, modern security systems combine two functionalities. One, it gives your property audible alarms, motion sensors, smart lighting and cameras for the interior and outside, all designed to ward off intruders. Secondly, rather than hard-wiring by a professional installer, most offer DIY functionality that connects to Wi-Fi or a hub for operation.

4. Wi-Fi or Hubs

The focus of many debates over these two options look at the pros and cons of their efficiency. Those in the Wi-Fi camp believe this type of functionality makes it easier to control and schedule lights. However, a broader degree of smart technologies continues to use a hub, which also lets you expand your home’s system and integrate all components. As a result, modern smart homes involve come combination of both technologies.

5. Smart Leak Detection

Instantly know when there is a gas or water leak in your home. Smart sensors don’t just monitor the air – they further assess the plumbing in your home for leaks and malfunctions, as well as analyze your walls for signs of mold and mildew.

6. Smart Thermostats

Make sure your home is using just the right amount of energy, all while keeping the interior at the perfect temperature. In response, smart thermostats work to conserve energy by assessing your habits, preferences and detecting your presence to adjust when you’re home and away.

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