Saturday is the official start of summer. After the brutal winter of 2013/2014, Connecticut residents are only too eager to run outside and soak up the warm sun. However, with the nice weather comes the growing concern of high energy costs when cooling your home. From central A/C units to ceiling fans you can end up spending a lot during the summer to keep your home cool.

At By Carrier we want you to be comfortable without spending a fortune so we offer some starter tips on how to cool your home and save money.

Keep the Heat Out: During the day, if no one will be at home, do your best to keep the hot air out. Keep all doors and windows shut tight. Letting in heat and humidity during the day can greatly increase the temperature in your home and this will force you to use more energy trying to cool it down. Remember to ventilate your at night with fans.

Landscaping: If you have the means and it fits your design, consider planting shade trees around the house. A few large leafy trees can provide ample shade that will keep the inside of your home degrees cooler on hot summer days.

High Efficiency Air Conditioners: When shopping for room air conditioners, look for a high efficiency model with an energy efficiency ratio (EER) rating that is above 10. These air conditioners monitor the room temperature and adjust to keep the room at a comfortable level instead of just blasting on high and wasting energy.

Window Awnings: A nice décor touch and a good way to provide shade is to install awnings on windows that face south. If your roof does not provide enough overhangs to block out the sun, it could get very uncomfortable in these rooms, but awning will deflect the sunlight and keep it cool.

Don’t Cool Unused Rooms: If there are rooms in your home that are not used, don’t waste time and energy cooling them. Some homeowners have air conditioners in rooms that are rarely used and having these on is simply wasting energy and money.

Be smart and keep your home cool with affordable cooling tips.

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