No one enjoys moving. The excitement of living in a new place is often offset by the herculean task of boxing up everything you own, piling it on a truck, moving it off, unpacking and decorating. This is why most homeowners end up hiring a professional moving company. But even then you need to be careful since you will probably have a lot of delicate valuables that need special attention when it comes to packing and transporting.

At By Carrier we want your move to be as smooth as possible so we offer a few tips to help you get started.

Look into Professional Movers: No matter how far your move is, it’s best if you let professionals handle the heavy work. You can easily move clothes and other personal belongings, but when it comes to dining tables, sofas, pool tables and dressers, don’t risk throwing your back out. Spend time researching moving companies online and check their references to see how other rate their performance.

Have an Inventory: Every time someone moves it is inevitable that something gets lost or misplaced. The best way to avoid overlooking an important item is to create an inventory. You don’t need to count the number of socks you have but focus on the big items and make a detailed list, broken down by room, so you know exactly what you had before you left. This can also come in handy if you have a dispute with the moving company over missing items. You may also want to take pictures with a time and date stamp to prove an item was there when you left.

Separate Fragile Items: If you don’t give movers specific instructions they won’t know what is fragile and what isn’t. Put dishware, vases, glass items and other fragile items aside and mark them carefully to let movers know that these items need to be handled with the utmost care. Some items you may want to take yourself such as jewelry and fine China just to be sure.

Be Ready for the Moe Day: Nothing is more confusing that not being ready when the movers come. Pick a date, write it down and be sure to do most of your packing the week before. You don’t want to waste time you are paying for by having the movers stand around and watch you scramble to put your belongings in boxes.


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