We like to think when things are new there won’t be any problems. New cars, phones and laptops should run perfectly well for at least the first year or so, right? And we expect the same from a new home not thinking anything could possibly be wrong with the wiring, plumbing or floors. The fact is, there can be a lot of problems with a new home and if you don’t take the time to do a full inspection you could be walking into a very costly mistake.

At By Carrier we take great pride in delivering custom homes that are ready to move in. We offer a few tips you should keep in mind when you are looking at a new home.

Plumbing: So you say you are not a plumber and how are you supposed to know if the plumbing works. Easy, flush the toilets and turn on the faucets. If the water isn’t coming out or if it’s making clanking noise and sounds like its choking chances are you have a problem. You should also check that the water coming out is not brown or a rust color. This may happen the first time to clear out dirt left in the pipes during the installation but if continues then you need to speak to the contractor.

Flooring: When you inspect a new home be careful as you walk through the rooms and listen closely as you take steps. Listen for any creaks in the floor and also feel for any sections that seem to dip or feel warped. Pay close attention to rooms that will have water on the floor including kitchens and bathrooms since over time any faults can lead to major floor damage. Also pay attention for any part of the floors that seem tilted or slanted. You can easily do this by placing a marble in the center of the room and seeing which way the marble rolls.

Basement: Many contractors leave the basement for last and some ignore it altogether. Take a walk down to the basement and check to see that there are no puddles of water, hanging wires, left over construction materials and visible insulation. Also check for broken glass, empty cans and other signs of a crew that didn’t clean up properly. It’s not your job to clean up their mess.


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