Building a new home in Connecticut offers homeowners a great opportunity to create the place they’ve always wanted. Renting affords you very little options and even when you buy an existing home you are often bound by original floor plans and building code limitations. However, when you choose new home construction you have the chance to take your vision for a dream home and make it a reality. Before you dive in and start planning the interior and exterior look of your brand new home, consider a few tips from By Carrier to make the process enjoyable and rewarding.

Consult with the Building Team

Leaving your new home to be designed and built without your input will probably leave you wanting. If you don’t consult with architects and builders prior to the start of construction they won’t have any idea about specific finishes and amenities you desire. Before anything is started, sit down and have a casual conversation with the team responsible for building your new home and get to know their ideas and relay your vision so everyone is on the same page.

Indulge your Luxury Dreams

When starting out with design ideas for your new home, let your imagination run wild. Refer back to pictures you took of luxury homes you saw on vacation, take out the images you cut out of high-end magazines depicting fancy bathrooms and high-tech entertainment rooms and recall all the times your jaw dropped when watching Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Most likely many of these ideas won’t be feasible for your home but at least it will give you the satisfaction of knowing what you really want.

Fit in but be Unique

Depending on where you plan to build your new Connecticut home, from the scenic shoreline to the rustic interior, you want to carefully balance fitting in and being unique. Putting an ultra-modern home in a traditional New England setting will just feel out of place. However, you can still get the home you want and have it reflect your unique lifestyle and character without being ostentatious and over-bearing. Subtle changes to the exterior of your home can make all the difference and still maintain a seamless addition to a traditional community.

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