It’s no secret buyers have been cautious when it comes to real estate. After the sub-prime mortgage crisis it is only natural that prospective buyers exercise patience when buying a new home. This cooling off period has given buyers the time to determine what it really is they want from their new home. The trends in new home building and construction are constantly changing as new generations exert their lifestyle and character and at By Carrier we are noticing the following fads when it comes to new home must haves.

Optimizing Space

Everyone wants space but the trend now is to have the space you need without excess. The mid-2000’s was the time for massive homes and multi-bedroom mansions that promoted a grand and opulent lifestyle. Now homebuyers are more concerned with livable space and taking advantage of energy efficient floor plans. Square footage is no longer the top priority. Having space that is functional and comfortable is more important and new homebuyers in Connecticut want homes that can accommodate their space needs.

Energy Efficient Designs

The green wave continues to roll and homebuyers are no exception. As the world becomes more environmentally aware the push is on to design new homes that not only coexist safely in the natural setting but also offer energy efficient designs and floor plans that significantly reduce the amount homeowners spend on heat and air conditioning. The costs of owning a home, including insurance, repairs and property taxes adds up and any chance to save is being taken advantage of. Buyers that are involved in the new home construction process are demanding homes that offer a comfortable environment without high energy bills.

Convenient Washer & Dryer

Finding a new home with the washer and dryer buried in the basement is rare. Instead of hiding these important appliances homeowners are looking at designs that incorporate washer and dryer units into the overall plan of the home to make it easier to do laundry. Whether it’s a spacious closet on the first floor or a large alcove near the stairs, washers and dryers are finding better places in new homes.

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